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Support Groups

Support Group Brochure

PPSG maintains a brochure of support group listings by city.
Groups may be
  • Open to all
  • Caregiver only
  • DBS-oriented
  • Early onset-oriented
  • Patient only
Click here to view our brochure.

Brochure is in PDF file format, which can be downloaded and printed. 

Parkinson's Patients Support Groups (PPSG) maintains a list of over 80 patient and caregiver support groups located throughout Northern and Central California.

Support groups provide a place for people impacted by Parkinson's disease and parkinson's to share information and experiences.  This includes patients, families, caregivers, and friends. Groups may host presentations by professionals, such as neurologists with expertise in movement disorders,fitness trainers with PD experience, financial or legal planners who can help with medical billing and insurance issues, home care providers, etc.

Most PPSG support groups are open to all Parkinson's patients, families, caregivers, and friends.Some are for patients-only or caregivers-only, while others are oriented toward Deep Brain Stimulation or early-onset patients and their families. Although PPSG provides assistance with the formation and maintenance of these groups, each group is managed locally by its facilitator(s).Groups typically meet on a monthly basis.

Although we try to keep this list current, details may change, so please call ahead before attending.



 There is NO meeting in June 2018, but will start regular meeting  in July 18th 2018

Please look into brochure for updated support group activities.
Click on a date and time to view location and organizer contact information. 

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